Bladder Symptoms

Bladder Symptoms and Urine Odor

Urine OdorBladder symptoms and urine odor can tell you lots of things about the way your urinary tract is functioning. Urine smell is related to the types of chemicals excreted by the kidneys, as well as the amount of each chemical and their concentration in the urine. Urine smells can range from sweet smelling urine to foul smelling urine. The less concentrated, more diluted the urine, the less odor it will have. Very high concentrated urine can have a strong ammonia smell or vinegar urine odor.

Bladder symptoms and urine odor have several causes. These include a bladder infection, cystitis (inflamed bladder), dehydration, kidney infection, metabolic disorder, diabetes, and urinary tract infections. Different foods (such as asparagus and beets), medications, and vitamin supplements can affect the intensity of urine odors, cause urine discoloration, and produce a bad urine odor. Asparagus urine odor, for example, is highly concentrated and pungent and can change the color of your urine to a greenish yellow hue.

Smelly urine can also be accompanied by cloudy urine. Cloudy urine odor can still be related to foods or medication that were consumed, however the more abnormal urine symptoms and bladder symptoms that appear in combination, the more likely it is you have an underlying urological condition that needs to be treated.

More often than not, urine discoloration and odor will subside in a few days. Eliminating urine odor can be accomplished by changing certain foods in your diet and certain medications that can address any infection you may have. However, urine odor symptoms, bladder symptoms, and any other urinary symptoms that are causing you discomfort or concern should be evaluated.

Bladder symptoms and urine odor can be addressed by our world-class physicians at Urology Specialists. Dr. Edward Gheiler started the Urology Specialists over a decade ago. He and his partner, Dr. Fernando Bianco, the Chief of Robotic Surgery for the Columbia University Division of Urology at Mount Sinai Medical Center on Miami Beach, are highly qualified urologists able to diagnosis and treat any urological condition using state of the art and up to date treatment methods available. You may feel embarrassed or reluctant to get a checkup; however, trying to self-diagnose your problems is not a good idea. Too many urological conditions have the same or very similar symptoms and can make you think you have one condition when it’s really something else. Our experienced urologists will use the latest diagnostic methods and technology to pinpoint a diagnosis and offer the best treatment to cure any urinary condition you may be experiencing.


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Bladder Symptoms
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